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Cooktop vs Range

Can’t decide between a cooktop and a range? Welcome to the club! It can be a difficult decision for most because there is no clear winner. Choosing between a cooktop and a range is really a matter of which one is more suitable to your needs. 

Although both types offer the three cooking options, Gas, Induction, and Electric, there are still a number of criteria to differentiate between the two. Below we’ve outlined some insights as well as pros and cons for each category to help you make an informed decision on which type would best suit your needs.




A cooktop certainly looks more appealing to the eyes and gives a neater look to your kitchen. It also provides more flexibility in kitchen design and configurations. Cooktops are installed into your kitchen island or countertop which creates more room for cabinet space below. Cooktops are generally paired with a wall oven which can be installed at eye level to provide better ergonomic sense. If you need more oven space, you can get a double wall oven to pair with your cooktop and thus giving the baker in you more room to grow.


If you choose to have an oven along with your cooktop, it can be a more expensive combination than a range which comes with a built-in oven. Also, cooktops usually require installation from a professional since they are installed into your cooktop/kitchen island. It may also be a less desirable choice if your cooking style involves frequent switching between the stove and the oven.




Ranges provide a more cost-conscious solution as you don’t need to purchase a separate oven with them. A range is also relatively easier to install as most of them just slide-in into a space, which doesn’t necessarily require the need for professionals. Ranges provide a more seamless cooking experience as it is easier to switch between the stove and the oven and all of its functionality is in one location.


Ranges occupy a whole section of space between your kitchen cabinets. Since the oven is placed below, it can be difficult for cooking as you would need to bend over time and again. Ranges provide less flexibility with kitchen design and with configuration, especially in terms of the oven size.


Take the time to think about your space, your cooking needs and habits, and your cost considerations before you narrow things down further or feel free to speak to one of our Pros to get a better idea of what works better for you.


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Published by Andrew - Your Tasco Pro on Thursday, September 2nd