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Brand Spotlight: JennAir

Lou Jenn, a man who wanted to inspire the world with a technology that would revolutionize the way our appliances worked, started JennAir in 1965. He challenged the ideas that everyone else accepted as facts and with his rebellious and innovative mind, brought the concept of downdraft ventilation which eliminated the need for overhead hoods and enabled architect and designers to create open, unrestricted kitchens. 


Samsung’s BESPOKE Collection

Samsung never fails to surprise us with their innovative creations. This time, they have come up with a new line of products, called the BESPOKE Collection. This line features an amazing range of refrigerators that can be customized by each customer in their own way, thus enabling them to design an absolutely unique looking fridge.


Brand Spotlight: Liebherr

They say if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind. Liebherr has always been one of the brands that evolve with the growing technology and yet maintains their standards, elegance, and customer satisfaction.


Family Friendly Refrigerators

There have been so many advances in appliance technology over the last ten years, it’s amazing to see what is available to consumers. The only downside of these advances is trying to wrap your head around them when you’re trying to buy an appliance.


ProBite: Top 3 Refrigerators of 2020

Our Tasco Pro: Mark Filippelli, from our Tasco Mississauga Store, discusses his Top Three Refrigerators of 2020.


Refrigerator Types Uncovered

A fridge, is a fridge, is a fridge, right? Wrong. There are more types of refrigerators in this world than there are hockey teams. Okay well maybe not, but there are many types of refrigerators you can choose from in order to fit your exact needs. We have broken down the various types of refrigerators for you, so you can determine which type is the best for you, your lifestyle and your family. 


Top Mount vs. Bottom Mount Freezers

It may seem straight forward but deciding between a Top Mount Freezer and a Bottom Mount Freezer isn’t always easy. There’s definitely benefits to both, but it’s important to understand the various features and differences between them, in order to make the right decision for your kitchen. 


Fisher & Paykel: Active-Smart French Door Refrigerator

Blending the perfect mix of functionality, new technology, and style, the ActiveSmart™ 36-inch refrigerator with automatic ice maker from Fisher and Paykel is leading the way for a new generation of refrigeration.