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Five Star BBQ Recipes

The season is here! Standing in your backyard you can smell the scent of a grill not too far away and you start wondering what’s cooking? Here to inspire your creativity this summer and further expand your barbecue recipe repertoire, we’ve curated some of our favourite, fancy and delicious grill-worthy recipes.


Our Favourite: Steam Oven Recipes

Steam ovens are one of the best appliances you can add to your kitchen. They take up little space, since they’re usually installed into the wall and have so much flexibility with what they can do. We love how many different meals you can cook in them, some you may never have even thought about.


Sensational Valentine's Day Recipes

Depending on where you’re living right now, most restaurants will be closed for dining in this Valentine’s Day. We encourage you to order in or do takeout where you can, in order to continue the support for local businesses. In the case that you don’t have many options around you, or you prefer to cook up a sensational meal for your loved ones (or just yourself) the recipes below are a must try!


Mouthwatering Hanukkah Recipes

This year, Hanukkah begins on the evening of December 10th and lasts for eight nights. Hanukkah is one of the most important celebrations for Jewish people, and it is filled with beautiful traditions, including some incredibly delicious meals.


The Coziest Fall Recipes

It’s officially Fall. Are you excited for cozy blankets, pumpkins and cups of tea? We are! We are also so excited for the season of comfort food. Fall is the best time to tuck into a warm bowl of creamy pasta, isn’t it? We’ve curated some of our favourite Fall recipes that we think are a must try while the weather starts to get crisp. Give them a try and share the end results with us on social, we’d love to hear what you think.


Our Favourite Wine & Food Pairings

There’s something to be said about a great bottle of wine. What makes a great bottle of wine even better is when it’s paired with even better food. Most of us know that there are some classic and easy to remember wine pairings for example: red wine goes well typically with red meat, white wine with white meat or fish. These are the classics, the straightforward rules to follow if you’re just starting out, or maybe a traditionalist.


Sizzling Summer Recipes

Summer is in full swing! The hot, sticky days the warm evenings and the smell of grills has us in the mood to cook up some delicious treats for the whole family. These are some of our favourites, so you gotta try them out and see what tickles your fancy. 


Our Favourite Summer Cocktail Recipes

The weather is heating up and without the usual access to our fabulous restaurant and bar patios, we’re going to have to start shakin’ up some cocktails of our own. We have some of our absolute favourite recipes for you to try, whether you’re an expert bartender or just want to try something different. Cheers!


Cooking with the Kids

What a strange time! More than a month into a lockdown in Ontario we know many of you with kids are looking for ways to keep them, and yourselves, busy. Cooking is always a great option if you are stuck inside. Not only is it an asset to learn how to cook young, it can help kids practice their math skills, patience as well as teach them about the food they're eating and where it comes from.


Valentine's Day Recipes

Valentine’s day is just around the corner! Whether you’re totally down with the love-fest celebrations or are hanging out with your friends, family or just yourself, we’ve got some super delicious recipes for you to try out. Don’t forget any of these can be adjusted to make more or less if needed.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you, from all of us at Tasco and bon appétit!