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Is a natural gas bbq right for me?

Propane, or Natural Gas? Whenever you're shopping for a new barbecue you'll likely be asked this question. There are advantages of both, so it really depends on your personal needs. We've explored some key advantages of both for you, below.


Brand spotlight: Lynx Grills

Lynx is a brand of high-quality outdoor grills  that was founded in 1996. The company is based in Downey, California, and is known for producing premium quality, luxury products that are designed for professional and amateur chefs alike.


Outdoor Kitchen Ideas And Designs

The patio season is almost here! If you’re looking to revamp your existing outdoor kitchen or planning to create a new one to make the most of the Spring/Summer season, this blog will help you achieve that. When the weather is so warm and pleasant, enjoying a meal outside is what we all crave but not having a well set-up outdoor kitchen might make it a little inconvenient to prepare or eat a meal outside. 


Five Star BBQ Recipes

The season is here! Standing in your backyard you can smell the scent of a grill not too far away and you start wondering what’s cooking? Here to inspire your creativity this summer and further expand your barbecue recipe repertoire, we’ve curated some of our favourite, fancy and delicious grill-worthy recipes.


Spotlight: Crown Verity

Today the sun is shining, it’s above 0 degrees and I’ve got barbecues on my mind. I’m not sure about you, but as soon as Spring starts to peek its head out, even just a little bit, I get excited about barbecue season. One barbecue brand that’s stood out for us at Tasco recently has been Crown Verity. It’s a brand that offers subtly beautiful outdoor kitchens with a level of quality that will last a lifetime.


Brand Spotlight: DCS Grills

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Any serious chef will tell you, they’re as serious about the appliances they use as they are about the food they make. It’s no wonder why chefs are serious about DCS Grills. DCS Grills are built on four key pillars: Perfect Results, Beautiful to Use, Built to Last and Designed to Fit. You can imagine that an appliance built on these pillars reaches well beyond the premium level.


Brand Spotlight: Lynx Grills

For some outdoor enthusiasts, having a barbecue is not enough. Lynx understands that for the true outdoor enthusiasts, grilling is a lifestyle. This is why Lynx, a company built on manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment, builds high quality outdoor appliances that will delight even the most selective grill master. 


Seasoning Cast Iron

Whether you've just invested in a fabulous cast iron pan or you're getting ready for a grill session - there’s a trick to properly maintaining the cast iron and prevent it from rusting, a method which may not be known to all people. Seasoning is the best trick in the book when it comes to cooking on cast iron. It basically helps to prevent food from sticking, prevent rusting and increases the life of your cast iron for many years to come. Seasoning your cast iron is quick and easy to do.