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Design Trends of 2021

The world looks very different these days and industries are quickly changing with it. We’re seeing change not only in our own lives but in the way we live our lives, and in the companies that create things for our lives. We always look forward to seeing the way design trends change for the upcoming year, but the ones for 2021 will be even more interesting.

Natural Wood & Calming Colours

The demand for building materials is incredibly high these days and many companies are searching for more natural ways to create their products. The same trend will be seen in furniture: more natural shades of wood will be a big trend, paired with calming neutral colours. Since people will be spending more time at home moving forward, why not make the space a calm and happy one.  



New Home Offices

Home offices are becoming a massive trend in 2021. While so many people have been switched from office to working from home, there’s an expected spike in home office design trends. Since most homes are not set up for a specific home office, trends will include multi-functional spaces, minimalist desk design, plenty of light and plants as well. Being able to physically separate home and work, while working at home, will be key in these trends as well.


Wood Grain Kitchen Countertops

We love this trend, it’s a huge change in the marble countertops we’ve been seeing for many years. Though the emergence of wooden countertops has been slowly increasing, this year we will see it rise in popularity. Perhaps it’s the desire to feel more in touch with nature, or to source materials from more local areas – either way wood grain countertops will be popular once again in many home kitchens.


Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens have not always been a common request for a home however, now that being home means something else entirely, adding an outdoor kitchen doesn’t seem so luxurious. Weather it’s a barbecue and an outdoor fridge, or a built-in bar with counter-top grill, outdoor kitchens can be outfitted however you’d like. They can be used in the winter or summer, especially if they are covered, add in a fire pit and you’ve got your own winter getaway, just steps from home. 



Home is the new focus of 2021, for many of us, home has become our favourite restaurant, our workspace, our school and our entertainment and whether we’re happy about it or not, it seems to be a new reality we all face. So why not make your home the best it can be for 2021?

Published by Sharon - Your Tasco Pro on Tuesday, December 29th