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Expertly Load Your Dishwasher

When it comes to kitchen design, the appliances you choose to complete your design are just as important as the cabinets and countertops.  Most people consider the range and fridge to be the main focal points of the kitchen, and while this can be true, the dishwasher is just as integral to the overall design and functionality of your kitchen as the other appliances.

While there are a variety of dishwashers to choose from, each one meeting different needs. A Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer for example, literally fits a dishwasher into a drawer. Its smaller size makes it perfect for those who entertain and need the extra cleaning power for small loads. These tips and general guidelines below can be applied to any dishwasher and are sure to improve overall efficiency, and the cleanliness of your dishes whether you have a Fisher & Paykel or a 1960's Whirlpool. 


We know your kids will roll their eyes at this one but be sure to give all of your dishes, flatware and dishwasher safe cookware, a pre-rinse. This will help to eliminate the chance of food particles causing blockages in your dishwasher’s draining system. GE dishwashers have built-in Piranha technology which is designed to chew through larger food particles, but rinsing is still an easy way to keep everything clean and working nicely. 

Utilize the Bottom Rack

Fill the dishwasher bottom rack as best you possibly can, without over-crowding. Doing this well ensures that all of your dishes get an even and thorough rinse. It’s best to place them so that they are facing inward, towards the centre, and angled downwards.

Move Your Flatware Basket 

Moving your flatware basket to the centre of the lower rack will make a world of difference. Making this small change will help make room along the sides for large platters or other cookware such as pots and pans. However, not all dishwashers are designed to do this, so be sure to refer to your manual before trying this.

Place the Glasses Between the Tines

Placing glasses on top of tines can leave a watermark. If you're able, try to angle the cups as much as possible to avoid pools of water from forming on top, saving you from struggling to remove the watermarks post-wash.

Load Wine Glasses Carefully

In our house, wine glasses are very important. To avoid breakage and scratches, when loading make sure they don’t touch each other as many are made delicately and can break easily. If you have very high quality wine glasses, hand washing is usually the way to do.  

Use Fresh Detergent

You probably don't think about it but the freshness of your dishwasher detergent matters. Generally, detergent will last you through two months of washing, anything older than that will be less effective in cleaning your dishes. To keep your detergent as fresh as possible we suggest storing it in a cool, dark place to keep it from becoming clumpy.

Know Your Cookware Materials

Avoid putting anything made from bronze, pewter, cast-iron, or wood into the dishwasher. These will not fare well in high temperatures and are best hand-washed. 

Published by Andrew - Your Tasco Pro on Monday, February 10th