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Fisher & Paykel: Active-Smart French Door Refrigerator

Blending the perfect mix of functionality, new technology, and style, the ActiveSmart™ 36-inch refrigerator with automatic ice maker from Fisher and Paykel is leading the way for a new generation of refrigeration.

Boasting a spacious 36-inches of usable space, this fridge is large enough to fit all of your family favourites, and then some. Built with a flush-fit design, the fridge easily slides into a standard cabinet depth cut-out to achieve a completely integrated look. This fridge is also available in other sizes including 72", 80", and 84" in height.

For a true built-in feel, this fridge allows you to choose from standard stainless steel or custom panel finishes, allowing you to easily match your existing appliances and cabinetry to achieve a highly desired integrated look.

Inside the fridge features LED lighting that beautifully showcases your food, from the shelves to the bins. You also won’t need to worry about your fridge being messy or disorganized because the flexible cantilevered glass shelves are removable, and easily contain spills to keep messes from spreading. You can also adjust the shelves and trays to best suit your needs, so that your most commonly used ingredients are placed in easy to reach areas, while still having everything properly organized.

To keep your food at its freshest the fridge uses ActiveSmart™ technology to maintain a consistent climate that will keep your food at its most optimal, for both freshness and flavour. By monitoring your daily usage, the technology intelligently adjusts the airflow in the refrigerator to create an even temperature. This is all thanks to the inclusion of a microprocessor, interior sensors, multiple air ducts and variable speeds fans working together. The ActiveSmart™ technology has helped this fridge, amongst other Fisher and Paykel integrated series refrigerators, to receive an EnergyStar® Most Efficient rating.

As an additional measure to retain freshness the fridge’s Humidity Control System creates the perfect microclimate in each produce bin. For you, this means your fruits and vegetables will stay fresher, longer. 


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Published by Andrew - Your Tasco Pro on Tuesday, February 5th