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Gas vs. Induction Cooking

Picking out the right appliance can sometimes be tough, especially with so many options readily available. When it comes to choosing the right range or cooktop for your kitchen, a hard decision can lie between gas and induction. We’ve laid out the pros and cons of both types, to help you make a more informed decision. 


Gas powered ranges and cooktops are probably the most recognizable and coveted kitchen appliance out there. Gas ranges and cooktops are often preferred by professional Chefs around the globe and bring a high-end feel to any kitchen design. Brands like Wolf have become synonymous with gas ranges and continue to produce high-end gas ranges that deliver a traditional look and functionality that is highly sought after. 


  • Open flames gives instant heat control, making it ideal for stir-fry style cooking.
  • Easy to visually gauge temperature by looking at the flame size.
  • More cost effective to run if you have a connection to gas mains.
  • You can use stainless steel, glass, Corning Ware, and Pyrex cookware efficiently on the elements.


  • Additional cost of setting up if not connected to gas mains.
  • Additional ventilation is required because of the heat produced by an open flame.
  • Additional distance is required between the cooktop, overhead cupboards, and exhaust fan.
  • More difficult to clean as you need to dismantle the cast iron trivets and clean separately.


Induction ranges and cooktops have gained popularity in recent years and has become a very popular choice for many households. Induction technology uses magnetic induction, which creates an electromagnetic field that directly heats the pot or pan on the element without affecting the surrounding areas. Many consider this to be safer than gas and also helps people achieve a modern, sleek look in their kitchens. 


  • Heat spreads more evenly across cooking pots/pans. 
  • Instantaneous heat, water can come to a boil in just 90 seconds.
  • No open flames, can be safer.
  • Cooktop does not get hot, reducing the risk of burns.
  • Sleek looking with clean lines.
  • Easy to wipe off and clean.
  • Runs on electricity and doesn’t require the added cost of connecting a gas line.
  • Requires specific cookware that is either magnetic stainless steel or cast iron. 



If you’re still having trouble deciding on which is for you, here is some final advice: 

If you have a young family and don’t have time to be fussing around in the kitchen, induction is the way to go. The cool-to-the-touch elements will save you the worry of having your children burn themselves and you’ll also have your meals cooked in record time, thanks to the direct transfer of heat to your cookware. If you already have a contemporary home, an induction range or cooktop will help to bring a sleek, clean look into your kitchen.

If you're a single home owner, don't have children or perhaps have a more traditional style home, a gas range would be your best choice. A gas range offers a more traditional way of cooking and works perfectly for a home that already has a gas mains connection available. 


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Published by Sharon - Your Tasco Pro on Wednesday, February 6th