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Is a natural gas bbq right for me?

Propane, or Natural Gas? Whenever you're shopping for a new barbecue you'll likely be asked this question. There are advantages of both, so it really depends on your personal needs. We've explored some key advantages of both for you, below.


- Propane BBQ's need a propane tank 

- Propane needs to be refilled at a gas station

- Propane does not inquire a separate installation

- Propane is portable, it can be easily moved with the BBQ

- Propane tanks can be disconnected allowing you to store your BBQ inside for the winter 

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Natural Gas

- Natural gas requires a gas line hook up - usually installed by a professional 

- Natural gas is continuous - no need for re-fills or backup tanks

- Natural gas bbq's are not portable 

- Natural gas is great for an outdoor kitchen with a set placement 

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You can clearly see the differences between the two barbecue options. Take time to assess your needs and how you live your life in your backyard. This will give you a good idea if a less portable, natural gas barbecue is the way to go or if you need something you can shift around if need be. 

Published by Tianna S. on Thursday, May 25th