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Miele Dishwashers

Miele is the favourite dishwasher brand to most industry insiders – sales, designers and contractors alike. Most people who have had a Miele dishwasher will get another one the next time around without any interest in another brand – me included.

 I’ll share with you my top three reasons why they are the only dishwasher brand I buy for myself - the same reasons they are my number one recommendation to my customers.

One. Everyone wants a dishwasher that cleans well. A simple ask, right? People complain about a dishwasher not cleaning and they will experiment with different detergents hoping for a better result. They often forget what is arguably the most important thing – their water. Hard water prevents soap from breaking down completely and activating, which of course means that the soap can’t do its best job. Not only is the soap not able to clean well but it is likely to leave residue behind of itself too and worse, that undissolved detergent running through your dishwasher is like a gentler version of sandblasting - right at your dinner and glassware! That will etch your glasses and dishes overtime, fading patterns and making glasses less shiny and see through. Did you know that in the city we have hard water? Most people think that is a country problem, but most cities in and around the GTA, and Hamilton and Niagara regions have a rating averaging 8 – 9 which is considered hard. Even between 3 and 7 is considered moderately hard and can have an effect on cleaning and of course it gets harder in more rural areas. Miele has the solution. All but their base model have an onboard water softener to take care of our hard water woes in the dishwasher. It does take special water conditioning salts made specifically for dishwashers but no problem, Miele sells that too. The salt is very inexpensive, currently about $10 a box. We sell it in store and Miele sells it online, so it’s very easy to get. You simply pour the entire contents into the salt reservoir and the dishwasher will use it as needed based on your water hardness which you enter into the control panel – just once when you install it. For myself, I need to refill the reservoir just 3 – 4 times a year and that feels pretty average among my customers over the years. So truly, not much added cost or effort on our part as we achieve great cleaning results all the time. 

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Two. If we have a great dishwasher, we want it to be able to wash everything. I know I don’t want to hand wash anything when I invested in the best dishwasher brand. That takes us to the topic of flexibility. With folding tines and rows, removable sections, height adjustment at three levels of the upper basket and what I truly believe is the best design in a cutlery tray that will not only hold more than some others, but keep things secure so they don’t move with the water pressure. They even have pop up pieces to hold a vase, water bottle, or coffee travel mug that folds down when you don’t need it. There are guards for chef knives, so they too can be washed without damage. No problems fitting everything in there after a big family meal or holiday dinner.

Three. For the entertainer or wine lover. Miele has a “China & Crystal” cycle that works differently than the old “glassware” cycles we used to see among brands. All those old ones ever did was reduce the wash time. Miele’s “China & Crystal” cycle runs at a lower water pressure and temperature to take proper care of these more delicate items while cleaning them. For this reason, they have had a relationship with Riedel recommending them for their fine glass and crystalware for many years. There are silicone “grabs” to secure stemware in place gently and depending on the model you choose, you could literally fill the dishwasher in both the upper and lower racks with wine – a really great feature for the avid entertainer. 

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Bonus. As if we need another reason, but here it is. This is what makes the whole brand so loved and trusted by consumers and industry insiders. Miele engineers and builds everything they make with the intent that it should last 20+ years of use. That’s right, Miele still builds things the old way. They engineer and design their products with the quality and features we love them for, determine their costs and what they are going to charge. They don’t cut corners to fit a price point. 

Published by Tianna S. on Monday, December 5th