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Miele Steam Combi: A Kitchen Favourite

We're taking a look at Miele Steam Combi Ovens. First you may ask, what exactly is a steam combination oven? A steam combi has the functions of a regular oven with convection PLUS the added benefit of steam. In small kitchen, this can literally be your “I can do it all” oven – a great option for condo spaces.

In a regular sized kitchen, it is usually chosen as the second oven but it truly becomes the primary use oven once you being to use it and understand all it can do. Steam and combination ovens have become much more popular as we all try to eat better and cook healthier for ourselves and our families. There are several manufacturers that offer their own version today, but Miele is still my personal favourite for many reasons. Here are just a few to consider….

Larger capacity – usable space. Some brands have their water reservoirs to the side of the oven cavity making it much smaller. Miele’s water reservoir is at the top, behind the control panel so it doesn’t rob us of useable space. They also have plumbed versions and they have a larger overall option that is taller.   

Screen Shot 2023-02-03 at 1.30.30 PM

Most user friendly control panel. You hear steam and you think vegetables and fish, right? But did you consider baked goods? Steak? A whole chicken? Canning? Reheating? Dehydrating? Sterilizing? This list just goes on and on. Simply scrolling through the Menu or MasterChef programs in the control panel shock people at how much this oven is capable of, and these programs are designed with engineers and chefs so that we the user can just let the oven do it’s job and make our lives a little simpler. Miele’s control panel is by far the simplest to use, and really gives you the most out of what it can really do. I know what they can all do, but with Miele I know my family will understand how to use it. 

It can do everything a microwave can but better, except for reheating a beverage or making popcorn. It will reheat with steam and heat, so that leftovers are reconstituted as if they were freshly cooked today, not soggy, dry or overcooked and without destroying all the nutrients. It will defrost, without cooking or drying out.

My favourite feature is Menu Cooking. This function allows you to cook up to 3 different foods – a complete meal and have them all perfectly finished at the same time. I’ve done, salmon, rice and green beans or steak, potatoes, and corn cobs. The combinations are near endless. You simply select the program and as prompted select each food and how “done” you like each item – how al dente do you like your green beans? How do you like your steak? The oven will determine the cooking time and details of each item, it advises you which tray is best for each and when to put each tray in so that the entire meal is ready to be served together. 

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Just like the rest of Miele’s products, these are engineered and tested to last  20+ years use. Superior quality, healthy and delicious eating, a major time saver and a really easy to use appliance providing a lot of convenience. I think you can understand why it’s my favourite.

Published by Tianna S. on Friday, February 3rd