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Must Have Dishwasher Features

A dishwasher just cleans your dishes, right? Well… sort of. These day Dishwashers are built to make your life easier. They’re more innovative than ever and have incredible features you won’t believe. If you’re in the market for a new dishwasher, it’s definitely worth considering the features below before you buy.

Place Settings

If you’re an avid cook or just love to entertain it’s worth looking at a dishwasher that has a large amount of place settings. One place setting includes; one plate, bowl, cup, cutlery etc. There are dishwashers that can hold up to FOURTEEN place settings.

Third Rack

 Most standard dishwashers have two racks: upper and lower, but not anymore. Third racks are an incredible feature that seems so self-evident once you have one. The third rack sits on the top and allows you to place your cutlery up there while leaving the bottom rack for larger items like pots and pans. Bosch makes a beautiful dishwasher with an awesome fully functional third rack. 

Wine Stem Holders

 At our house we love our wine, which means wine glasses are frequently visiting our dishwasher. We’d be hand-washing all of them if it wasn’t for our awesome wine stem holders built into our Electrolux dishwasher. Frigidaire also comes with these great soft grip holders, which allow for you to safely wash your wine glasses without any worry. 

Indicator Lights

 Be gone the complaints of loud dishwashers. Some are SO quiet now that manufacturers are making indicator lights which shine on the floor to show you they’re on. Bosch is notoriously quiet and having the light helps know it’s actually cleaning and Electrolux has joined the silent game recently as well. 

Adjustable Racks

Companies have now included adjustable racks into their dishwashers, which seems pretty simple but it’s an awesome feature to have. LG’s dishwasher allows you to shift your upper rack up and down to make room for larger pots when needed.

Automated Doors

Samsung and Bosch have created a smart, unique feature to some of their dishwashers that have them pop open at the end of their steam cycle. It seems strange but this automated feature actually helps speed up the drying cycle and save time and energy. It can also help reduce watermarks. 

Though some of these features may seem random at first, try thinking about how much easier it will be with any one of these next time you load your dishes into your current dishwasher...  😉


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Published by Sharon - Your Tasco Pro on Wednesday, June 24th