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Online vs. In-Store Appliance Shopping

Over the past few years its beginning to feel like you can buy almost anything online. Groceries, toys, wine, coffee, clothing, pre-prepared meals… you name it, it’s available to order online and have shipped right to your front door. Despite being in the world of immediate accessibility to products from around the world, the verdict is still out on if some larger items are still best to buy in-store, rather than online. 

In our latest blog we’re exploring the experience of buying appliances online vs. in-store along with our view of the pros and cons. Hopefully when you’re done reading, you can better determine which shopping experience will fit you best overall.

In-Store Shopping

Though a large majority of your shopping these days can be done from the comfort of your couch, there’s something to be said about that in-store shopping experience. If you’re unfamiliar with a particular product or brand, it can be more helpful to get hands-on and understand fully what you’re purchasing.

With appliances, visiting a showroom can open up your eyes to a wide variety products, brands, configuration and appliance packages. Typically, appliance showrooms are split into sections and have kitchen examples available so you can see a variety of refrigerators, dishwashers and ranges all together in one space. The really nice thing about visiting a showroom is being able to touch and feel the products.

Nothing beats feeling a product in your own hands. Understanding how it works, the functionality of all aspects of the product and even the size of it are important to gauge in person, especially if you’re buying this product or this brand for the first time.  

If you’re shopping for a customized appliance, for example a built-in refrigerator, we typically recommend visiting a store if only to ensure that you and the Sales Representative have the correct dimensions and installation information before the order is made.

Overall, in-store shopping can help you clarify any detailed questions about the products you might have, as well as give you an experience you really can’t get online at this point.




Online Shopping

It’s not surprising a lot of physical retail stores are closing these days, with the ease and accessibility of online shopping, why bother leaving your living room on a rainy Saturday? We’re seeing more and more people shop online for appliances, large and small, especially from customers needing a quick replacement for a broken fridge, dishwasher or washing machine.

The nice thing about online shopping is the ability to easily and quickly compare models at the click of a button. We’ve got a compare feature on our website that clearly lays out the differences between whatever appliance brands or appliances you may be looking at. It’s easy and quick to research pros and cons, read reviews and watch videos on whichever appliance you’d like to buy. You can take your time, walk away and make a coffee, come back and decide. There’s no pressure when you’re shopping online.

Online shops can also provide a larger variety of products than what you would see in-store. Showrooms can only hold so many products, especially when it comes to larger appliances, so shopping online can show a wider variety of brands, types, makes, models and colours. It’s also really simple when you’re just in need of replacing a product you already have. If you know the brand, model and colour you want, there’s really no need to make a trip to the store when you can have your appliance shipped right to your door. You can easily arrange installation and removal of the old unit too, depending on the unit.

If you are in need of some answers you can always chat with online experts on the website as well. We have trained sales associates along with customer service team members ready to help you whenever you may need it. There’s no shortage of information available to you online.

Overall, if you’re not interested in making the journey to the store and are confident with what you’re purchasing, online appliance shopping makes sense. It’s easy, worry free and there’s a world of information at your fingertips as you shop.


So, which is better?

In the end, it really depends. If you’re buying a specific type of appliance for the first time, or want something more custom then in-store makes the most sense. If you’re confident in your choice, know the brand or model well, online shopping will make life a lot easier in the end.

Whichever you decide, we hope to see you soon! 

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Published by Andrew - Your Tasco Pro on Thursday, December 12th