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Our Favourite Wine & Food Pairings

There’s something to be said about a great bottle of wine. What makes a great bottle of wine even better is when it’s paired with even better food. Most of us know that there are some classic and easy to remember wine pairings for example: red wine goes well typically with red meat, white wine with white meat or fish. These are the classics, the straightforward rules to follow if you’re just starting out, or maybe a traditionalist.
With the explosion of fusion cuisine around the world and the incredible array of grape varietals, these traditional ways of pairing food and wine are being challenged and sometimes turned on their heads. Even some traditional ways of pairing food and wine may surprise you! We’ve got our fun favourites below – you have to try them out this weekend and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Fried Chicken & Champagne

What a juxtaposition if we’ve ever seen one, but boy does this work so well. It also can make for a really fun dinner party treat. It’s hard not to love the crisp nature of champagne, but pairing it with a texturally crispy, fatty chicken is wonderful. The acidity of the champagne cuts so well through the fat in the chicken that it makes for a deliciously fun combination.


Indian Food & Rosé

If you’ve ever had Indian food - we’re talking butter chicken, tikka masala, daal, paneer makhani… you’d have to agree it is so incredibly luxurious, spicy and creamy, going back for seconds and thirds is not unusual. With spicy foods you have to be particular about the type of wine you pair it with – since it can be very overwhelming to a lighter grape. Most pairings recommend a dry Riesling with spicy food like Indian, but we also love it with a dry, full bodied Rosé to change things up.


Popcorn & Chardonnay

We’ve heard that some people are not huge fans of chardonnay, but you’ve got to this pairing a try. Chardonnay tends to be fuller bodied, creamy and nutty – some are very oaky as well. The luscious palate of a beautiful Chardonnay pairs so perfectly with popcorn, you’ll be amazed you’ve never tried this before. The buttery popcorn brings out the nutty flavours of the Chardonnay and the nuttiness of the Chardonnay brings out the rich butter in the popcorn… it just makes so much sense and is definitely a MUST try on our list.


French Fries & Merlot

 This is another awesome pairing, its super fun for a Friday night with the girls or if you’re just feeling a bit fancy but don’t want to put in a whole lot of effort cooking. French Fries pair so well with Merlot because of their salty nature. Merlot has a tendency to be a bit more fruit forward and can be slightly sweet at times, so it adds wonderful depth of flavour to a plate of freshly cut, salty fries. 


Cheeseburgers & Cabernet Franc

Last but not least on our list – one of our all-time favourites. Nothing beats a deliciously thick, juicy hamburger. It’s one of life’s great but simple pleasures, especially when it’s done right. One thing we LOVE to add to a succulent burger is an equally as succulent Cabernet Franc. A Cab Franc is so rich with tannins, so juicy and full of crunchy fruit flavours it’s an awesome addition to this classic meal – and even better during a backyard BBQ.

There you have it! Our favourite and most fun wine and food pairing! Definitely give them a try this summer. Got an unusual pairing of your own? Make sure to share it on our social channels.  



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Published by Sharon - Your Tasco Pro on Thursday, July 23rd