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Spotlight: Wall Ovens

Wall ovens are not always the first appliance people consider when purchasing an oven for their home however, with advances in technology wall ovens are a versatile and fantastic option for a kitchen, for a number of reasons. 
Wall ovens reduce your kitchen footprint by placing your oven (and microwave) into the wall. They are best suited to people who are having a full kitchen renovation, unless you're replacing an already existing wall oven. The reason being that your cabinetry will have to be built to specifically to accommodate the wall oven. Wall ovens also have increased functionality (steam cooking) and can be a fantastic option for large families or people who enjoy entertaining. 

To help get you started in your search for a wall oven, we've outlined below the various types of wall ovens. This way you can narrow down which functionality you'd like first, then start to explore the variety of brands. 



A single oven is more commonly known as a Wall Oven, with one single compartment. Wall Ovens are typically powered by electricity - though there are a few brands that manufacture gas wall ovens. They come in a number of different sizes such as 24”, 27”, 30” and 36”.

Wall Ovens have a number of benefits such as taking up less space in your kitchen, they can be placed below cooktops and many have high-tech features such as steam cooking and Wi-Fi-capabilities.


Steam ovens are a fantastic option for a home chef who wants full cooking capability or someone that is focused on cooking food in a healthier way. Since these ovens use Steam (water) to cook or reheat food, you are avoiding the use of oils and fats within the cooking process, which overall provides a healthier meal. Steam ovens are also a fantastic option for bakers! Steam ovens have either a compartment for water that you fill yourself or they can be connected to a waterline directly, to avoid having to manually fill it yourself.

Steam ovens come in three different types: Standard Steam, Convection Steam and Combination Steam.

Standard Steam ovens only steam food – so this type of oven is typically paired in a home with a single wall oven, allowing for both normal oven cooking, plus the benefit of full steam cooking.

Convection Steam combines steam cooking with convection heating. Not only does this oven cook food with steam, it also can also brown and crisp food effectively using the convection heating method.

Combination Steam encompasses a number of cooking elements such as steam cooking, convection heating with an added broil element as well.


The name says it all! Speed ovens are literally ovens that cook food faster than standard convection ovens. They are smaller in size, typically built into the wall and use microwave technology to help speed up cooking time. Speed ovens are widely available and manufactured by most appliance brands, however their capabilities differ based on brand.


Double Wall Ovens have a number of great options, designed to fit any home chef’s need. They are especially great if you have a large family or love to entertain.

Double Wall Ovens have two equal sized oven cavities, stacked one on top of the other, with one centralized control panel. The two oven cavities allow you to cook twice as much food at the same time, at two different temperatures.

Double Wall Ovens can vary greatly in cost depending what features you’re looking for such as wi-fi capability, steam and convection.


Combination Wall Ovens come stacked, similar to Double Wall Ovens, however they typically are designed with a microwave on top and a convection oven underneath. These are great options if you don’t want to have to place your microwave on your counter in your home.

In most designs, the microwave oven can be used as an extra convection, if need be, making it a great flexible option for larger families.

So there you have it! A brief overview of the fantastic wall oven options and their features. If you'd like to start the process of looking into wall ovens and the brands that manufacture them, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Tasco Pros at your local Tasco store.

Published by Sharon - Your Tasco Pro on Thursday, December 3rd