Top Mount vs. Bottom Mount Freezers

It may seem straight forward but deciding between a Top Mount Freezer and a Bottom Mount Freezer isn’t always easy. There’s definitely benefits to both, but it’s important to understand the various features and differences between them, in order to make the right decision for your kitchen. 

Top Mount Freezer

A top mount freezer, for a long time, was the most common type of fridge/freezer combination. Top mount means that the freezer sits on top of the fridge. This combination gets the job done for a good price and has more of a simple and traditional aesthetic. The issue with top mount can be accessibility, especially if you’re vertically challenged - you may have to invest in a step stool for the kitchen to reach everything in the back. That being said, many people love top mount freezers, claiming they can easily see and reach everything in the freezer without issue.  

A major plus to owning top mount freezer is energy efficiency. If you’re trying to be conscious of the environment, the top mount freezer would be the best choice. It’s now known that top mounted freezers consume 10%-30% less energy than any other design, according to the Consumer Energy Centre in the US.

The nicest feature of this type of fridge as well, is that its cost efficient too! You can find many models of top mounted freezers that can fit any budget and any size home. Keep in mind, these models are typically more simple, you likely won’t have the additional options like external water dispensers or ice-makers. 

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Bottom Mount Freezer

Bottom mounted freezers, as you can guess, sit on the bottom of refrigerators. A large majority of homes these days feature refrigerators with bottom mount freezers. A main reason being that the fridge sits at eye level, preventing you from leaning over every time you need to get food or unload the groceries.

Most bottom mounted freezers come with built in organizers that allow you and your family members to see and store everything you need to, without having to dig through it all. There’s usually drawers and various shelves that help items stay tidy.

Overall, there are more design options with bottom mounted freezers such as French door, external ice makers and water dispensers, you can even get a 4-door refrigerator with a bottom mounted freezer. On the flip side, bottom mounted freezers tend to be a bit more expensive than top mount and are less energy efficient as well.

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Bottom Line

In the end, both types of freezers serve their purpose and can be equally useful. The best way to determine which freezer would best for you is by thinking about your needs and your family’s needs. Do you have a lot of leftovers you like to freeze? Do you have 6 people eating from your fridge every day? Are you tight on space? Do you want an energy efficient appliance?

Sit and think about your daily activities and how your family uses their fridge and freezer, this will help you determine exactly what type of freezer will best suit you and your family for years to come.  

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Published by Stephen - Your Tasco Pro on Thursday, September 5th