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Technology is advancing at an incredibly fast rate and there is a constant argument about whether it’s helping us or hurting us. Though there are some negatives we can all agree on when it comes to technology, there are also a lot of positives. One thing being that technology is making the world more accessible and inclusive to those that are differently abled.

I don’t know about you, but when all this new technology came out in the appliance industry, I thought it was really cool but I didn’t really realize how helpful it would be to so many of our customers and how big of an impact it would make on their lives in the long run. It’s so important to be aware of all the brands and technology that can make a big difference in people’s lives when discussing appliances – many people may not even know what options they have and it’s up to us to let them know.


WIFI enabled appliances are becoming quite common within most appliance brands these days. It’s enabling people to connect to their appliances remotely and control temperature, turn appliances on and off or even set up recipes. The Samsung Family Hub (available on Samsung refrigerators) not only allows you to see inside your refrigerator but also helps you create shopping lists and gives you the ability to control the lights, temperature AND see who’s at the front door. WIFI enabled appliances are beginning to shape the appliance industry more than we ever expected. Helping make life easier for the busy family, or someone who may be getting older - why not make your appliances work for you. 

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One thing that has really taken over North American homes in the last few years are digital assistants or home assistants; we’re talking Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Not only do we love that these assistants can help dim our lights and lock our doors, but it can help manage your appliances as well. There are various appliance brands, like GE Appliances, that have Google enabled features, which allow you to communicate verbally with the device and the device can take your instructions and apply them to appliance. For example: ‘Google, please preheat the oven to 350 degrees’ or ‘Google tell me how much time is left on the dryer.’

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Induction cooktops have been massively popular in Europe for a long time and slowly but surely are making a name for themselves in the North American market. Induction cooktops are a fantastic option for people who are differently abled as they do not conduct heat unless a specific type of metal is on the element. Basically, you don’t have to worry about burning yourself, almost at all, on induction cooktops. It helps as well, that many induction cooktops have front panel digital dials like the Monogram Glide Process Controls which can work with knuckles as well as finger pads, perfect for dirty fingers or arthritic hands. The cooktops also have auto shutoff if the pan boils over, making the entire cooking process much safer and worry free.

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Overall, many appliances manufactured these days are built with great features that can assist people who may be feeling less comfortable in the kitchen, whether it be because of age or ability, these new appliances are providing a new sense of independence to so many people. If you yourself are differently abled, make sure you look for or ask about appliances that have these features: WIFI Enabled, Voice Activation, Digital Assistance, Digital Touch Screen Panel, Auto Shut-Off, Induction. Your sales person can provide further information on how each of these features can best suit your needs, in the kitchen and around the home.

Published by Sharon - Your Tasco Pro on Monday, February 10th