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Deck Decorating For Your Staycation

There’s a high likelihood that travelling to faraway places could be off the list for the summer, much to the disappointment of many Canadians. It doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on enjoying the summer at home though. We’ve got some fun ways to spice up your backyard to help make your home feel like your own private getaway.

Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are a fantastic way to add a bit of luxury to any backyard space. They can change your deck into an extension of your living room.

Make sure when you’re searching for a rug that it’s large enough for the furniture that you have. You don’t want to squeeze every piece onto the rug itself, you want to ensure your furniture is spaced out and has room to breathe.

Don’t shy away from colour. We know white is a big trend right now but you can leave that for your living room. Add in fun splashes of colour with a rug and use that to drive accent pieces with pillows, dishes and décor.

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Plant Containers & Flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers in the summer? Adding in bright flowers and plants will add to the luxuriousness of your backyard space. Especially if you don’t have a lot of grass area, plants and flowers can add that much needed greenery.

Your choice of planters can also add another level of luxury. Look for larger planters, with ornate and unique patterns. We love to mix and match but having matching planters can add wonderful simplicity as well.

Don’t forget to hang planters on railings as well, this is a fantastic way to add colour and greenery to a balcony if you don’t have a full backyard – or even if you do have a backyard. Hanging planters and railing planters add a European vibe to the space, so you’ll be feeling like you’re in Italy in no time.

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One of our favourite things in the summer is being out in the evening. Don’t forget to add lighting throughout your backyard space, it will add a wonderful resort like vibe and can really set the mood.

There’s so many great ways you can add lighting. Solar lights are great, they don’t use any extra electricity and will power up during the day automatically. You can get solar lights for the garden and even on top of your fenceposts.

A popular trend these days is using string lights with Edison lightbulbs. They add a cute rustic vibe to a deck or balcony and don’t overpower your space.

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Fireplace/Fire Pit

The next level of luxury to really take you away is with some type of fireplace. Nothing feels more like a vacation than having a beautiful fire you can roast marshmallows on and warm up by on those chilly summer evenings.

You can do the usual wood fire pits, which smell so good and are usually the simplest to set up. Just be sure you check with your local fire department on their regulations for these before purchasing or using.

You can also do a propane (gas) fireplace as a safer option if you’re in a tighter space. They can be built in or even placed in the backyard and some in so many different styles. Just be sure with these and any fire that you don’t use them under a covered space such as a pergola.

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There you have it! Even though we may not be able to sneak away to faraway places this summer, there’s always great ways to make your home feel like a sanctuary.


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Published by Stephen - Your Tasco Pro on Monday, May 25th