Our favourite top Canadian female chefs

We at Tasco love the kitchen, we love the kitchen so much we made a business out of it. We would like to take a moment to shine the spotlight on some women who were able to take their love of the kitchen and turn it into a career. These leaders have made and impact on the national and the international stage, taking their culinary talents and showing us all what an inspiration they are.



Chef Lynn Crawford

Chef Lynn has won The Thomas Jefferson Award (2008) , The Consumers Choice Business Woman of the Year (2011) and Ontario Hostelry Institute Chef of the Year (2013). Chef Lyn has appeared on shows such as Restaurant Makeover, Iron Chef America and Iron Chef Canada, Top Chef Canada, Top Chef Masters Chapped Canada and even had four seasons of her own show Pitchin’ In where Chef Lynn traveled the country learning where our food comes from, working with the people who make our food possible and showing what can be done with the amazing food we have in Canada. 

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Chef Meeru Dhalwala

Chef Meeru is co-owner of Vij’s in Vancouver British Columbia, Vij’s serves world class Indian Cuisine, the restaurant has been praised by Mark Bittman as “easily among the finest Indian restaurants in the world”. Chef Meeru has authored 2 cookbooks Vij’s Elegant and Inspired Indian Cuisine that won awards including the Gold Award for Best Cookbook, the Cordon d’OR Gold Ribbon International Cookbook Award and placed second best Indian Cuisine Book in the world by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. Chef Meeru works with local farms to bring amazing ingredients to the table while lowering the environmental footprint of the Business.   

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Chef Anna Olson

Chef Anna is well known for her amazing work as a pastry chef, something we can all agree is an amazing career. Chef Anna own the restaurant Olson Foods at Port in St. Catharines. We have seen Chef Anna hosting Sugar where she made amazing desserts that looked as good as they tasted, Fresh with Anna Olson, Bake with Anna Olson, Inspired with Anna Olson all taking her love of baking and showing us what is possible. Chef Anna was also on Iron Chef Canada for the Holiday baking edition. Chef Anna has won the Grand Remi Award for Best Lifestyle Programming, the Taste Canada Award for her Bake with Anna Olson and also for Set for the Holidays with Anna Olson. 

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Janet Zuccarini

Ms. Zuccarini is the founder and CEO of Gusto 54 Restaurant group, the company is a tribute to her grandfather who opened a sidewalk Café at young and College in 1954 that featured the first espresso machine, first outdoor heated patio and first wood burning pizza oven. This inspiration has been converted to 10 restaurants with 15 locations, most of them here in the GTA for your enjoyment. These range from daytime cafes to high class reservation required master pieces. Ms. Zuccarini has been awarded the 2017 Independent Restaurateur of the Year and Foodservice & Hospitality Pinnacle Award, 2018 the TEC Canada Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship form RBC’s Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards, 2019 Business Woman of the year, 2020 Business leadership award, first woman in Canada to be certified AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana)Pizzaiola and if that isn’t enough work for one person she is also a resident judge on Top Chef Canada. 

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We at Tasco applaud these leaders and thank them for their contributions to the culinary arts. Thank you for making what we do so much more meaningful. 

Published by Wesley T. on Wednesday, March 8th