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Remembrance Day

For Canadians, Remembrance Day is an important time to acknowledge the courage and sacrifice Canadian Veterans made for us at the time of WWI and WW2, as well as pay homage to those who have served and continue to serve Canada in times of war and conflict.
Remembrance Day first began to commemorate the ending of the First World War which fell on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month in 1918. 

Remembrance Day became official in 1931 and has continued to be an important day for all Canadians to recognize the 118,000 men and women who we have lost and the 2,300,0000 who have served throughout our country’s history.

Though as young Canadian children we are taught about the importance of Remembrance Day in school and learn the words to the beautiful and haunting poem; In Flanders Fields, it can be hard for many to truly understand the importance of this day and the sacrifice so many Canadians have made for our country.

This is why at Tasco we feel it’s important to remind each other and our communities to pay respect to our Canadian soldiers as often as we can. We proudly wear our poppies throughout the beginning of November to show our respect and recognition of those who serve our country and observe a moment of silence together as a company at 11am on November 11th.

We are incredibly lucky to live in Canada and have the sense of peace that we do in 2019 that did not always exist in our past. No matter the reason, people who sacrifice their lives for our country, or other countries for that matter, deserve recognition year-round – not just one day out of the year. We strive to remind ourselves and our colleagues of the important of Remembrance Day and have done so from even before Tasco Appliances came to be.

We are honoured to have been asked to lay a wreath during the Remembrance Day Ceremony this year, on November 11th in Brampton at the Memorial Square Cenotaph.

We hope that each and every Canadian take time this month and every month, to remember and recognize the courageous people who fought and continue to fight to keep our beautiful country a peaceful and prosperous one.

Published by Andrew - Your Tasco Pro on Monday, November 4th