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Spotlight: Dual Fuel Ranges

A Dual Fuel Range is exactly how it sounds; it’s a range that has two fuel sources. The most common dual fuel ranges come with a gas stovetop with an electric oven underneath. A dual fuel range includes the best of gas and the best of electricity and allows for fantastic cooking flexibility.

Why, you ask, would you want a dual fuel range? Gas is an incredibly efficient way to cook while helping to reduce energy costs, especially when it's used for stove top cooking. Where you begin to miss out is when gas is used to bake/cook items in an oven. Since gas cooking uses a flame, which has to continuously ignite to keep an oven at a specific temperature, it is less energy efficient and can result in uneven cooking.


Electricity still takes the cake when it comes to baking, so dual fuel is a great option if your love for baking is as strong as your love for frying up some delicious stovetop meals.

Dual Fuel Ranges Come in One Type: Front Control. 

Front Control Dual Fuel Ranges have the controls at the front of the range rather than the back flush against your backsplash. They have the same depth as rear control ranges and the sizing is the same at 24” or 30” width. A while back front control ranges were known as ‘slide-in’ ranges however most ‘slide-in’ ranges now have finished sides, so you don’t have to worry about having your cabinetry built around them.

💡 Just a quick reminder before you start to shop for dual fuel ranges. Ensure that if you’re looking to replace your current Real Control Range that your backsplash goes down the wall far enough so that you won’t have exposed wall without backsplash behind your new range – since it’s missing that rear control panel.  


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Published by Andrew - Your Tasco Pro on Tuesday, September 22nd