ProBite: Top 3 Refrigerators of 2020

Our Tasco Pro: Mark Filippelli, from our Tasco Mississauga Store, discusses his Top Three Refrigerators of 2020.
When it comes to refrigeration, there are certain fridges that impress me year after year; however, there is always the one or two newly designed units that are game changers in the industry.Fridge #3: is a brand new refrigerator from Bosch: Model B36CT81SNS. Here are a few points that instantly put this into my top three.
  • First, this unit comes with an internal water dispenser that is sleek and so well designed, that some of my clients don't even notice it is there until I point it out. It is a very clean, and modern design with just the right amount of accents, but not too flashy.
  • The robust professional handles match with Bosch's higher end line of professional appliances. This is a perfect alternative for someone looking to purchase professional appliances, but don't necessarily want to pay the higher price of a built-in fridge.
  • Most freestanding refrigerators have a single compressor and evaporator; however, this fridge comes with a dual compressor, and dual evaporator. What does this mean? Having a dedicated compressor for each compartment means better cooling and food preservation. This is a feature found in the majority of the premium refrigerators. It is something people pay a lot of money for 
    because it makes sense to have, and gives the fridge a longer life. This is true because each compressor only has to work half has hard to keep the fridge cool. 

Fridge #2:  is the Samsung RF23J9011. This fridge has been on the market for about 5 years, and very little has changed.
  • This is a 4-door bottom freezer/fridge, with no handles. There are scoops, for each door. This allows you to match this fridge with any other appliance, and not worry about mismatched handles.
  • There is great flexibility with the shelves inside this fridge. One of them lifts up so you can store additional tall items. The other one slides all the way back giving you more room for taller items such as a pot of soup, or even a tall birthday cake.
  • Here's the best part: The bottom lower right freezer can convert to a fridge! That might not be a big deal to some, but if you don't freeze a lot or already have an additional freezer, the extra fridge space is great. 
  • This fridge has three compressors and a dual evaporator, which allows the fridge, freezer and convertible zone to operate independently. Samsung calls this "Triple Fresh Cooling." I must admit, this is a huge plus for a freestanding refrigerator.

Fridge #1 has been in the top spot ever since I started in the appliances world, 10 years ago. A company that has never really changed the mechanics of their refrigeration since day one. Sub-Zero is the brand, and they boast a 20-year expected life. Now I know not everyone believes the hype, but let me explain to you why it is my #1 fridge.
  • Sub-Zero food preservation is the best in the industry. They actually prefer to call their refrigerators "Food Preservation Units" because they truly do more to preserve the freshness of your food than any other refrigerator.
  • The crisper drawers do not even have humidity controls, because essentially, the whole fridge is a preservation system. Humidity, temperature, and purified air within the unit, is what makes Sub-zero’s food preservation the best in the industry.
  • The purification system checks the refrigerator for ethylene gasses, mold and odour causing bacteria every 20 minutes.  Subzero refrigerators are so advanced, that they actually used patented technology designed by NASA for their purification system. This same system is used on the international space station to help preserve fresh food that is grown on board.
  • The interior is simple with no frills, because the product speaks for itself.  Having said that, all of the shelves and door bins are made of Lexan. This is the same material that is used to make bullet proof glass. The innovation and technology that Subzero provides in their refrigerators, is truly, second to none.
  • Subzero uses high-end materials to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment out of their product. I assure you, once you own a subzero refrigerator, you will not want to ever own anything else.

At the end of the day, you want your fridge to last as long as possible. It's important to consider purchasing a fridge with more than one compressor. This feature outweighs any of the other options that only have a single compressor. Single compressors, work much harder preserving the cool air in both fridge and freezer. Having a fridge with more than one compressor will give you a longer lasting fridge and ensure that your fridge and freezer are not sharing power, or the air moving within the unit itself.    


Mark has been in the appliance business for 10+ years, working out of our Mississauga location. He is part of the Tasco’s Kitchen Design Division, and works with many local designers, builders, and contractors. Mark has a passion for meeting new people and assisting them through the kitchen renovation process.  Proud father of a 2 year-old son, so now he actually has an excuse to play with toys again!

Published by Tasco Pro - Mark Filippelli on Thursday, December 3rd