Washing Machines: LG WM9000HVA vs GE GFW850SPNRS

We have brought you two of the most popular washing machines in Canada this year. Both of these washers offer high performance, effective cleaning, sophisticated design, and tons of innovative features that make doing laundry such an easy task, at a reasonable price. We are going to talk about these washers and the features they offer in depth so you can make the right choice about which one is better suited for your needs. 



LG, a brand that has been offering us innovative and reliable appliances for a long time, has recently launched this high capacity washing machine, with an elegant design and brilliant features.

One of the best features about this amazing washing machine is the TwinWash. It allows you to do two separate loads of laundry simultaneously. Alternatively, you can use the SideKick to do a quick load of your delicates, etc. The TwinWash also offers different styles, colours, and functions so you can choose a model that best matches your lifestyle, interior design, and preferences. Some more of its notably great features are,

Ergonomic Design

It’s good for your back since you don’t need to bend a lot while doing your laundry with the better ergonomic design and accessibility offered by the TwinWash pedestal. 

Add Item

If you are like us and you always forget at least one item of clothing to put in with your load, you are going to love this feature. It allows you to open the washer door during any wash cycle by pressing the “hold to start” button and add any missing or forgotten laundry.

Turbo Wash

Procrastinating doing laundry just became difficult considering you can finish a load in just 29 minutes with this washer. Since the machine has to run less, it also helps you save energy.

Optimal Wash

It offers several wash settings, suitable for different load sizes and fabrics, and 6 motion direct drive to ensure a highly effective wash.

Noise Reduction

High effectiveness does not have to mean louder noise and more vibrations. Its inverter direct drive produces less noise and vibration than an average washer and offers energy efficiency.

Laundry On The Go

Now you can select a wash cycle, start or stop the wash, and get notification when your laundry is done with your smartphone with the LG ThinQ app. It also allows you to manage your laundry with voice commands via Google Assistant or Alexa. 



GE offers some of the most high-performing appliances for a reasonable price range. The GFW850SPNRS is another example. In addition to a large capacity and a sophisticated look like the LG WM9000HVA, it comes in a unique and refreshing sapphire blue colour. 

This washer offers a one-step wash and dry cycle for small loads, eliminating the need to transfer the clothes to the dryer. Let’s take a look at some more of its effective and convenient features,

Dynamic Balancing Technology

GE’s patented technology not only helps you save time (and energy), it also automatically balances uneven loads to ensure a quiet operation.

Power Steam

This feature helps to achieve a highly effective wash performance.

Antimicrobial Technology

Built into the gasket, dispenser, and the draining system, this provides continuous protection from microbes.

Reversible Door

It offers high flexibility and convenience in terms of installation with a reversible door. 

Sanitize Cycle

Get rid of allergens like dust mites and common bacteria from your clothes with the industry pioneering sanitize cycle. 


It can hold up to 32 loads of detergent so you don’t have to spend time adding the detergent to your load every time you do your laundry or in refilling the dispenser again and again. It also intelligently dispenses the right amount of detergent according to the load size every time.


The OdourBlock and Ultra Fresh Vent system help in getting rid of any excess moisture from the washer to help prevent any foul odours, thus, keeping your washer fresh and clean for a long time.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Start or stop a wash cycle, change settings, and receive alerts when the laundry is done remotely with the help of your smartphone.


Since there’s not a clear winner in LG WM9000HVA vs GE GFW850SPNRS for us, we would leave it up to you to decide which of these would be the winner for you. However, we are sure that whichever one you pick, would be a great choice among other washing machines in the similar price range.


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Published by Stephen - Your Tasco Pro on Thursday, April 21st