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Why You Should Switch to an Oven with Air Fry Option

Air Fry has got to be one of the greatest inventions of all time, right? Crispy, fried food prepared in a matter of minutes and with little or no oil! What more could we ask for? In addition, now you can just get an oven with an air fry option and even save the space that a counter-top air fryer would take. Munch all you want on your favourite snacks anytime without feeling too guilty about it, or even cook/bake vegetables, chicken, and more in much less time and way more conveniently.


Here are some reasons why you should consider getting an oven with an air fry option:

Healthier Alternative

If you’re cooking frozen food or food that would you would normally deep fry, even if it’s not the healthiest food choice, you can still save a lot of calorie intake by eliminating the use of a huge amount of oil with an air fryer. Furthermore, even if you’re cooking something healthy like chicken, tofu, or vegetables, you can make it even healthier than a conventional oven by using the air fry option as it requires way less oil than a conventional oven.

Saves Time

Cooking food is generally faster in an air fryer than a regular oven or stove, and definitely way faster than deep-frying. Especially for frozen food items or food that need to be fried, which is so amazing for our late-night cravings or impromptu guests.

Saves Space and Money

Since the air fryer has become such a popular kitchen appliance, if you are renovating a kitchen and also thinking of getting a counter-top air fryer in addition to a regular oven, you’re better off getting an oven with a built-in air fry option. This way, you can save the space and money that a separate counter-top air fryer would cost.

Offers Convenience

Yes, it’s an amazing choice if you rely a lot on frozen food but it’s also a very convenient option to regular cooking, grilling, or frying. Air frying uses only a fraction of oil to cook, it’s super easy to clean afterwards as there is no grease or residues, and you don’t need to use a lot of utensils in order to cook.

Safer than Regular Frying

Air frying is a much safer alternative to deep-frying with extremely hot oil and risking skin burns. You just place the food and let it cook, without even having to flip it again and again, unlike cooking in a regular oven.

Several meal choices

There’s so much you can cook with an air fryer, fast food like French fries, chicken nuggets, wings, hash browns, burgers, healthier food like chicken, tofu, steak, or veggies like mushrooms, green beans, broccoli, and much more. There are even recipes for full meals/dinner that you can find online that can be prepared with only an air fryer.  shutterstock_1689495724-air-fryer-1200x675

We hope you found this helpful if you were debating whether you need an oven with an air fry option or not. Save yourself a lot of time, resources, and calories by switching!


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Published by Tasco Pro - Mark Filippelli on Thursday, October 7th