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Spotlight: Dual Fuel Ranges

A Dual Fuel Range is exactly how it sounds; it’s a range that has two fuel sources. The most common dual fuel ranges come with a gas stovetop with an electric oven underneath. A dual fuel range includes the best of gas and the best of electricity and allows for fantastic cooking flexibility.


The Coziest Fall Recipes

It’s officially Fall. Are you excited for cozy blankets, pumpkins and cups of tea? We are! We are also so excited for the season of comfort food. Fall is the best time to tuck into a warm bowl of creamy pasta, isn’t it? We’ve curated some of our favourite Fall recipes that we think are a must try while the weather starts to get crisp. Give them a try and share the end results with us on social, we’d love to hear what you think.


ProBite: Monogram Advantium

If we could sum up most of our customers desires for their appliances lately it would be in two words: convenience and efficiency. Life gets busy. Kids, pets, work, school, travelling, cottages… there’s so much to think about, take care of and manage the last thing anyone wants to add to their plate is the frustration of a dysfunctional kitchen. 


Expertly Clean Your Appliances

Since March we've all been on high alert when it comes to cleanliness, especially in our homes. Cleaning has taken on a new meaning and it doesn't seem like this will change anytime soon. 


Our Favourite Wine & Food Pairings

There’s something to be said about a great bottle of wine. What makes a great bottle of wine even better is when it’s paired with even better food. Most of us know that there are some classic and easy to remember wine pairings for example: red wine goes well typically with red meat, white wine with white meat or fish. These are the classics, the straightforward rules to follow if you’re just starting out, or maybe a traditionalist.


Pro Bite: Miele Combi Steam Oven

The Miele Combination Steam Oven is really like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. It’s got every capability of a full oven, with convection, conventional heat and grilling along with the added benefits of steam cooking. You may be thinking, why do I need a steam feature on my oven or conventional oven methods on my steam over? Well let us tell you why…


Wondering Where all of the Appliances Are?

This Blog has been UPDATED since initial publication. We know you don’t need a reminder of what’s going on in the world, but we want and need to address a very important and relevant issue that is continuing to affect many retailers, especially small retailers, and consumers as a result of the covid-19 outbreak.


Must Have Dishwasher Features

A dishwasher just cleans your dishes, right? Well… sort of. These day Dishwashers are built to make your life easier. They’re more innovative than ever and have incredible features you won’t believe. If you’re in the market for a new dishwasher, it’s definitely worth considering the features below before you buy.


Brand Spotlight: DCS Grills

** SORRY: The Miele Combi-Oven Article has moved. To access it please CLICK HERE**

Any serious chef will tell you, they’re as serious about the appliances they use as they are about the food they make. It’s no wonder why chefs are serious about DCS Grills. DCS Grills are built on four key pillars: Perfect Results, Beautiful to Use, Built to Last and Designed to Fit. You can imagine that an appliance built on these pillars reaches well beyond the premium level.


Sizzling Summer Recipes

Summer is in full swing! The hot, sticky days the warm evenings and the smell of grills has us in the mood to cook up some delicious treats for the whole family. These are some of our favourites, so you gotta try them out and see what tickles your fancy.