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Deck Decorating For Your Staycation

There’s a high likelihood that travelling to faraway places could be off the list for the summer, much to the disappointment of many Canadians. It doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on enjoying the summer at home though. We’ve got some fun ways to spice up your backyard to help make your home feel like your own private getaway.


Accessible Appliances

Technology is advancing at an incredibly fast rate and there is a constant argument about whether it’s helping us or hurting us. Though there are some negatives we can all agree on when it comes to technology, there are also a lot of positives. One thing being that technology is making the world more accessible and inclusive to those that are differently abled.


Seasoning Cast Iron

Whether you've just invested in a fabulous cast iron pan or you're getting ready for a grill session - there’s a trick to properly maintaining the cast iron and prevent it from rusting, a method which may not be known to all people. Seasoning is the best trick in the book when it comes to cooking on cast iron. It basically helps to prevent food from sticking, prevent rusting and increases the life of your cast iron for many years to come. Seasoning your cast iron is quick and easy to do.


Pro Bite: Manufacturer Warranty

Warranties always seem to be a point of confusion and/or contention for a lot of customers when they purchase almost any costly item such as computers, tv’s and appliances. There’s typically a lot of fine print involved and details that could confuse consumers about how things work. While it may seem to be the last thing on your mind during your purchase, it’s important to clearly understand the warranty you get with your appliances – whether it’s the manufacturer warranty or an extended warranty.


Top Load vs. Front Load Laundry


Pepsi vs. Coke, Lays vs. Ruffles, McDonalds vs. Burger King…. Top Load vs. Front Load? It seems this is the age-old question when it comes to laundry and just when you think the debate is over, someone argues the other side and we’re back in the same place. We may not be able to solve the question for you, but we can help you determine which type works best for you. 

Keep reading below and tell us, which side are you on?


Online vs. In-Store Appliance Shopping

Over the past few years its beginning to feel like you can buy almost anything online. Groceries, toys, wine, coffee, clothing, pre-prepared meals… you name it, it’s available to order online and have shipped right to your front door. Despite being in the world of immediate accessibility to products from around the world, the verdict is still out on if some larger items are still best to buy in-store, rather than online. In our latest blog we’re exploring the experience of buying appliances online vs. in-store along with our view of the pros and cons. Hopefully when you’re done reading, you can better determine which shopping experience will fit you best overall.


Why Luxury Appliances Are Considered Luxury

We’ve all been there. You’re shopping for something you need, whether its clothing, shoes, a new car or appliances and you come across a price tag so big that you wonder why this item would ever be this expensive. These items are usually labelled as luxury or premium and can seem really expensive for no reason. Maybe it’s the brand name, or where it’s made you wonder?


Refrigerator Types Uncovered

A fridge, is a fridge, is a fridge, right? Wrong. There are more types of refrigerators in this world than there are hockey teams. Okay well maybe not, but there are many types of refrigerators you can choose from in order to fit your exact needs. We have broken down the various types of refrigerators for you, so you can determine which type is the best for you, your lifestyle and your family. 


Buy Appliances, Save the World

Did you know that right now 11% of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions are created from homes and buildings? Greenhouse gas emissions have direct negative impact on climate change causing it to become one of the biggest environmental issues of our time. Here at Tasco, we care about helping the environment in any way possible which is why we’re really excited to announce that we are now part of the Low Carbon Economy Fund!


Energy Saving Tips for Your Appliances

Being environmentally conscious has become increasingly popular in recent years. Thanks to an abundance of information about the environment and global warming, we are trying, now more than ever to cut back on things that will help to reduce our carbon footprint. Cutting back on energy consumption is just one of those things. With appliances accounting for up 12% of energy consumption in Canadian households, buying ENERGYSTAR® certified appliances can have a huge impact on greenhouse gasses. Here are some tips you can use to increase the efficiency of your appliances and boost their energy saving power.